What do you think about a total foam remake for an old Mercedes Benz CL ?!


There are a lot of car care guys out there who enjoy modifying their cars in various ways but the newest trend which I’ve stumbled upon, is to tune up your car by using a whole lot of foam and I really doubt that it will be a car safety element 😀

The guys who modified the car, starting from scratch, sure do seem to enjoy showing their care of cars but I really can’t understand the pleasure in driving a foam modified car!?

This old (2000 I guess) Mercedes Benz CL went through a total remake and it looks quite good in some ways and it got various changed elements like:

  • huge tractor like rims when compared to its original ones
  • modified front with new headlights
  • Maybach looking front grill
  • a weird looking back with small tail lights and big exhaust pipes
  • a totally redefined car interior made out of.. foam that was covered with leather and aluminum trims

You won’t believe it but this new modified foam Mercedes looks like those showroom concept cars and it’s also driveable on the streets!


The result from this intense modifying journey of the Mercedes Benz CL, reminds me of that tv show from Discovery Channel called Bangla Bangers. That’s an auto show which gets the same exotic car results after modifying old rust buckets!

Tell us your opinion !