Chevelle – Hunter Eats Hunter


Won’t you just like to drive your car with good driving music on the backround? Chevelle is releasing a new album and I really think that it’s perfect for your driving songs collection! Why am I so sure about it? Well listen to this new tune from them, Hunter Eats Hunter;

It will make you wish you had a muscle car with a massive v8 engine that rumbles and clears the path for a great driving experience!

Here at care of cars, I really want to make you guys and gals feel like home, I want to provide great auto news, materials and especially some cool car songs for you, “thy” car care fanatic !


I really hope that this song will be addictive and make you download it and add it to your car’s sound system! Feel the song but don’t overdo it with the speed on the street :D.

You’re a teenager and don’t have fuel money? Go do some chores or get higher grades in school, dunno, but make some money, it’s a pity to stay at home in such a beautiful day like today!

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