Diesel power madness! 1200 Horsepower tug of war between Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins and Ford F350

trucks doing stunts being chained together

Wanna feel like a man from the 1970’s when petrol was cheap and everybody just didn’t give a F word about green cars and other eco things? The time when every car had over 3.0 litre engines and a lot of torque to just go drag racing and do other crazy stuff, has gone..

Today, because I know how nostalgic some of you diesel fans are, I’ve decided to show you a great youtube video with two diesel mammoths, the Ford F350 and Dodge Ram 3500, going on doing stunts and showing off their impressive power that also mocks mother Earth and destroys every shred of nature in its path.

The auto manufacturers always build similar cars in their categories and that’s why the Dodge Ram 3500 is almost the same with Ford F350 at pulling and other car specs. They both have huge car engines and if we start talking about the fuel consumption on these badass toys, well, we should probably avoid this subject :D.

The auto industry has started building some hardcore cheeky trucks which can be used for moving anything that you can think of but today you’ll see how two almost identical trucks try to move the other one in a tug of war snow battle with them being chained together! Diesel madness!


They really destroyed the environment with their 3 minute clash of the titans and 1200 horsepower combined. Protection of the environment is out of the question when these 2 american autos battle to the death with that pure black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes and lack of car care! Ohh my God, what an engine sound!

Care of cars is out of the question when you see such massive cars doing things like that.

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