The sweet revving engine sound of a Porsche Boxster with custom exhaust system


The auto industry has numerous branches and one of them is car tuning. In the car tuning area you also have the performance tuning and visual tuning. Today’s article is about how to get more horsepower and also how to obtain a sweet racing engine sound which I know you love!

It’s not a good investment to tune up a cheap car but you must make do with what you have; Still, it’s quite annoying to hear a nice rumbling noise going down the street but when you turn your head around to see what kind of monster of a car it is, you’ll be disappointed because it’s a fake engine sound even if it was put there by a guy who just enjoys showing his care of cars..

The next youtube video focuses on a Capristo valvetronic exhaust system with wireless remote control which was fitted with great car care on a Porsche Boxster that has a 3.2 liter car engine and man oh man what a cool engine sound it produces; As the guy who posted the video says: It sounds even better than a Porsche GT3!


You’ll get to see the exhaust system at work from every angle, close ups and on the street action! Are you ready for it?

Please make sure that when you hit the play button to hear that exciting revving sound of the Porsche Boxster, you’ll also put the video in high quality to enjoy the true sound of Porsche’s horses going mad when the throttle pedal is pushed to the max!

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