Drake – Worst Behavior


Did you ever notice how rappers feel so proud to show off their cars? Looking at some of them you can see that these gangsta guys really do take care of cars and you’ll constantly get a tricked out car with nice rims and cool paint job but sometimes they overdo it and those cars end up being a bit tacky or kitschy.

Anyway, today, Drake is going to give you another great tune from the driving songs collection that will improve your driving mood; The song is called ” Worst Behavior”

It’s a nice day for you to just go outside and take a long drive with your pimped out ride! In the video for this cool song from Drake you’ll see a bunch of pimps with their pink Cadillacs and cheap cars with huge and expensive rims! Who cares anyway? If the car owners don’t forget about car care, those pimped up rides will go forever and ghetto guys will only need gas money :D.

It’s Sunday, you should enjoy a night out just like in Drake’s music video :)..

The cars from Drake’s Worst Behavior video: 

  • Red Chevrolet Camaro SS with huge rear tires and blacked out rims
  • Pink Cadillacs, spinner rims and much more on models like : Seville, DTS, de Ville, Eldorado

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