Supercar showdown, italians vs. germans: Pagani Zonda F vs. Bugatti Veyron, Yep, it’s a drag race !


Everyone likes supercars since they were young and a great deal of people from the auto world dreamed about having the chance of driving their own favourite Lamborghini Diablo or an Aston Martin DB6 but a lot of them didn’t even get near those cars.

Today, with the help of a british tv show, the Top Gear series, all the auto enthusiasts can at least see in depth how a car interior looks like, how the car revvs, they can hear the engine sound rumbling while doing 120 mph on a race track and even see how it feels to get to its top speed no matter the fuel consumption!

A car care kind of guy truly appreciates these things and today I have a treat for those car racing fans who also love supercars!!! Why?? Because when you mix car racing with two supercars that blow your mind with their car specs like the Pagani Zonda F and the Bugatti Veyron, you always get something awesome!

I’m curious to see if it transforms into a car chase rather than a car race with the Pagani Zonda F Vs. Bugatti Veyron; You have to hit the play button on this next youtube video to see for yourself!

These two supercars that are built with great care of cars have extraordinary car specs:

  • Bugatti Veyron – it does 2.5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph and it weighs half of a tone more than the Zonda but it has 1001 horsepower
  • Pagani Zonda F – 650 horsepower with brutal acceleration, 0-60 mph 3.5 seconds, carbon ceramic brakes and it has an acquisition cost or price tag of 825.000 pounds! This is the car from the bedroom wall poster of a boy’s room

Now let’s see how these supercars go one on one! Short race between Bugatti Veyron and Pagani Zonda F!

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