Chevelle – Hats Off To The Bull


Wanna feel a little hardcore while driving your car? Well it’s time for you to get in the rhythm with some good car songs and that’s why today, I’ll show you a really good one from Chevelle, it’s called “Hats off to the bull”.

Be careful though with the throttle if there’s snow on the road ’cause even if you’re a good driver, a lot of bad things can happen; You must still keep that car care instinct and think every move you make while listening to this “thrilling” song.

I really like a guy’s comment after he listened to this tune that has to make it in your driving songs collection:

This song makes me want to fight bears. Russian bears.

It doesn’t matter what car specs you have on your car as long as you remember about taking care of cars; They’ll always make you feel good if you treat them right. Don’t get into a car chase or anything like that when you’re listening to this awesome song from Chevelle.

This american song deserves to be listened to inside a hardcore muscle car with a roaring v8 engine! Just imagine it.. at the traffic light, revving it up and suddenly releasing the clutch to feel that g-force which forces your body inside the car seat! Priceless.

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