Why you should / shouldn’t own an off road car in the city according to Jeremy Clarkson


The Top Gear series has been around for a while now and Jeremy Clarkson always knew, in his funny british way, how to demonstrate, how to explain and how to answer to certain questions about cars even if he’s not that into car care!

Today, somebody asked me about the benefits of having a 4X4 car if you’re a town guy and immediately I’ve remembered Jeeza doing this great episode once and I’ve also found it on youtube.

Sure, having a big and comfy giant sofa to drive around town is nice and it’s a great testosterone booster but it also has its own downsides which can stop you from buying it, like:

  • the huge fuel consumption (to do the school run costs Jeremy 5000 pounds a year!)
  • the fact that you can’t always park your 4X4 chunk of metal where you’d want to..
  • braking or rather the lack of efficient brakes in a 2 tone monster of a car

Jeremy Clarkson’s opinion on having a four wheel drive car starts like this but it ends in a totally different way!

I tell you, people who have off road cars are stupid and mad! They should be driven from the roads and burched to with an inch of their life. Off road cars are daft, anti social, idiotic and people who drive them are fools!

There are different opinions among the auto world regarding this subject; Why do some people like being car owners of a 4×4, jeep, off roader, living room on wheels or whatever comes to mind?

  • Well first of all, as Jeremy demonstrates, you can always avoid a traffic jam by going exactly, on weird, muddy and bumpy roads! You can stop that care of cars feeling of yours cause these cars are made to last.
  • The car safety! A lot of people have been saved during a car crash by the fact that they were driving an off road vehicle with high ground clearance and beefy body.

As I’ve stated earlier, four wheel drive cars are bad at braking and stability but they know how to deal with them when they happen!

Tell us your opinion !