Jaguar mocking Mercedes as always; Hilarious rivalry demonstrated with chicken commercials!


As you all know, there has always been a quarrel between these two auto manufacturers, Mercedes & Jaguar and that’s why, after Mercedes Benz made that interesting ad which demonstrates some particular car specs with the help of chickens, Jaguar had to make fun of them with their own kind of car ad!

They both put car care in the priorities list but they still have the time to tease each other for the public’s delight :D.

Do you remember the chicken commercial from Mercedes? Well Jaguar did a remake but it mocks every aspect of Mercedes and you really must watch these funny auto tease videos:

Here’s Mercedes’s original magic body control chicken ad which demonstrates their great care of cars:

Mercedes’s ad is funny starting with the chicken’s facial expression and ending with its weird dance, it’s like doing the boogie :). If you think it through, Mercedes knows how to sell a car without even showing it!

One has to be a luxury car and the other has to be a luxury car and sports car all in one and that’s what Jaguar is trying to prove in its funny response to Mercedes:

Magic body control? We prefer cat-like reflexes!

Don’t worry, that real leopard (it’s wasn’t a jaguar) didn’t eat an actual chicken 😀 but it does prove a point over there ! Ohh and Jaguar’s motto is awesome: #GoodToBeBad

What do you think about this ad contest which is presented to the auto world? The dry British humour just started a war on who’s better in making cars 😀

Jaguar’s trolling around is like when jocks make fun of geeks and eventually, in the future, the geeks rule the world and not the jocks hehe.

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