The Neighbourhood – Afraid


Let’s relax today, just chill without having to think about care of cars or any other car care related things. Hop inside your car and take it out for a spin while listening to cool driving songs like this one from The Neighbourhood that’s called “Afraid”.

When was the last time you stopped giving a f$%ck and just went with your car in that special place of yours? Yeah, everybody has a special place where they relax.. meditate.

If you want to, you can transform this song into a way of detaching yourself from anything just like the singer says:

It hurts but I won’t fight you
You suck anyway

You always need to have different kinds of music in your car because you don’t always know how you’ll feel like. You gotta’ believe me that when you’re back home from this relaxing long trip you’ll be fresh and you have to thank your car for that even if you put gas in it and pay taxes for being the car owner.

A car gives you freedom in so many ways and that’s kind of priceless… anyway cheers and keep up stacking on good driving music.

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