If you want to live the american dream, you have to work your ass off and when you retire, you can buy yourself a Cadillac, the car which makes you look like the car owner of a Mercedes S class or BMW 7 series. Care of cars will not be a problem if you’re old and own a Cadillac ’cause you’ll wax it day and night 😀 .

Macklemore is the young example of a guy who owns Cadillacs, yeah.. more than one and I know you enjoy watching music videos that can also be car songs just like this one, White Walls!

A Cadillac is an american symbol for those rich guys and it never gets old as you can see here.. With a little car care, a Cadillac can look brand new and when you get your own Cadillac song from Macklemore for your driving songs collection, nothing can change the way you feel about it!



And man oh man, a lowrider Cadillac with hydraulic suspensions can turn heads; This Cadillac anthem has it all from lowriders to limousines, convertibles and SUV’s! If you really want to, you can throw those Cadillac wheels in the swimming pool and make your own lifebuoy, gotta love those Cadillac rims!

Smilin’, don’t pay attention to the mileage
Can I hit the freeway? Illegally going 120
But I really wanted a Caddy so I put in the hours
And roll on over to the car dealer
And I found the car, junior, there’s a bargain with this geezer
Got the keys in and as I was leaving I started screaming
Cadillac pimpin’, my uncle was on
14 I stole his keys
Me and my niggas was gone
Stealin’ portions of his liquor, water in his Patron
This shit a Coupe de Ville so you’ll never know

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