Photo of a funny Mitsubishi in a horse / car joke!


The fourth generation Mitsubishi Pajero is a very manly car and it has quite a big quantity of horsepower under the bonnet and that’s good material for a car joke. This funny car photo can give you inspiration to make fun of the automotive world by making a horse joke for example. Still, it seems that car care is everywhere if you think at the time spent to edit that car photo with horses. Hopefully there’s no stolen horse, get it?

It’s a funny car joke but sometimes when your car ages and if you don’t usually take care of cars then you might be tempted to say to your friends when they ask you about your car something like:

my throttle feels like somebody stole my horses!

Well.. you can amuse yourself with this funny Mitsubishi photo that’s worth showing at a Mitsubishi showroom. Be sure that this funny car photo can be turned into an amusing car joke by Jeremy Clarkson from the Top Gear series.

funny car photo about horsepower

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