Jane’s Addiction – End To The Lies


Care of cars, car care and auto detailing can hold on, now it’s time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Of course that I’m gonna take a break from writing and you can go out and drink a lot of alcohol but CareOfCars.com’s top tip is:

Don’t drink and drive! You’d better take a cab or else you’ll risk a damaged car / body :D!

Now here’s another good tune which deserves to be in the car songs collection; It will energize you on that long trip to your parents’ house and it’s cool to just start eating, drinking and having a great time right after you arrive.

Rock and roll music is great stuff, needless to say, I was born to rock!

Hey man, also be careful when driving in freezing cold cause you need winter tires or else you can slide away with your car like with a sledge and even if you have good breaks, they won’t help you too much, please respect some car safety principles!

Now, going back to driving songs, Jane’s Addiction song, End to the Lies is awesome! Burn it on a CD or copy it on your usb stick and keep it in your car, it’s a great addition to your all ready cool song collection.

Anyway I really don’t know why I’m giving you guys car advices cause just like the lyrics say:

You never really change like they say
Oh, you’ll only become more like yourself

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