Mercedes G class in an off road gone bad video! Pretty epic fail if you ask me


The best off road car from Mercedes, the Mercedes G class went into production in 1979 and it still has its faithful clients, rugged men with some cash in their pockets, people who love the way Mercedes invested a lot of car care into their luxury SUVs.

The car specs on the Mercedes G class are constantly updated and it can make it through harsh and rough off road surfaces but this time, even with a G Class, a steep hill turned the king of the hill into a beaten up piece of metal; The Mercedes G class got into a car crash or car accident which damaged it pretty bad and you can see it live in this off road fail video where it went through a couple of rollovers!

You would expect to see this black Mercedes G class climbing up that hill, just like the cameraman, the man who recorded everything on tape; Even he was shocked to see it rumbling and rolling over down the trail without any control.

Anyway, at least you didn’t die before having the chance to see a Mercedes G class chassis πŸ˜€ . After running between bits and pieces of the G class to see if the car owner was ok, the cameraman sighed with relief, everybody was alright!

As you can see, the owner of the crashed Mercedes G class wanted to test its limits and that’s not a great way to take care of cars, especially if you destroy a luxury SUV in a stupid car crash that could’ve been avoided and believe me, this wasn’t only a fender bender! Taking the G class to a car shop will do the job in restoring it to its former glory but it won’t be the same.. and such a big repair will force the owner into huge acquisition costs for all the parts.


  1. I cringed when the mercedes G wagon went on that rollover! After seeing this crashed G class I’m really sad πŸ™

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