Have a laugh with Jean Claude Van Damme and his best split done with a couple of Volvo trucks


Do you remember Jean Claude Van Damme and his cool split which made him famous in all those fighting movies? Well even if he’s old, he can still do it and you can see it in one new truck commercial from Volvo. Ohh yeah and you’re asking yourself what’s the catch with it; Well, Jean Claude Van Damme did this dangerous stunt while being with each foot on different side mirrors of two Volvo FMX trucks and the trucks were going backwards!

So, the Volvo truck ad wants to show the precision of Volvo auto manufacturers and their great care of cars by showing one of the most epic splits of Jean Claude Van Damme in a live test which was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of the new Volvo Dynamic Steering!

After watching this cool truck commercial with Jean Claude Van Damme, what do you think?

Car care or not, this publicity stunt kind of makes me think that they’re in a desperate craving for attention but Volvo still has reliable cars and their public image is growing with these fun to watch truck ads, I mean, this youtube hit alone has 57 million views and it’s just a funny auto thing!

This surely was Jean Claude Van Damme’s best split and he did it in one take! Who do you know out there that could possibly do a split between two big trucks? No one, I tell you for sure! And Volvo ohh man, you know everything about car safety and how to advertise in a funny way every car you’re proud of :D.

This awesome Volvo commercial was filmed in Spain on a closed-off landing field at sunrise and if you wanna have a laugh, just imagine that Chuck Norris was the driver for one of the Volvo trucks and in the other one you could see Bruce Lee 😀 .

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