What will happen to Fast and Furious after Paul Walker’s tragic death


So.. first of all, hi there auto world.. Paul Walker, yes, we have to talk about it! Why did I chose Paul Walker’s death for today’s auto topic? Well because he was a great movie star but the best role which he had was in Fast and Furios the series, a movie about cars! There, he played the role of a man who does everything that’s related to car racing, car chases, carjacking and other heists…

The tragic death of Paul Walker saddens me a lot but I’ll try to focus on the movie series from which we will always remember him. Paul or Brian O’Conner was a guy who loved cars both in Fast and Furious and in real life and you could see in the movie, a man who showed great care of cars especially for those imported racing cars which he loved and modified with great pleasure.


His role was the opposite of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto character, the badass guy who loved muscle cars, who constantly did car care tweaks to his car engine and who also enjoyed kicking ass.

At least the good thing from this tragic accident is that Paul Walker died doing what he loved best, enjoying the adrenaline which only a car’s top speed can give you! Yes, this is the perfect example that anything can go wrong even if the guy who drives you is your good friend who’s also a racing driver like in Paul Walker’s case. It’s so sad that this car crash ended Paul Walker’s life!

The car in which the star from Fast and Furious died was the cherry-red Porsche Carrera GT from this small photo gallery of the crash site.. This is a horrific way to die, as you can see from the car photos, Paul was trapped in a fireball.



What’s the future of Fast and Furious after Paul Walker’s death?

Now, when it comes to the Fast and Furious franchise, production for “Fast and Furious 7” is ongoing (a source close to the movie declared) but Universal didn’t say anything till now even if the studio behind the Fast and Furious franchise met on Sunday to discuss the future of the movie.

THR claims a large part of the movie had been shot, but additional scenes were to be filmed in January in Abu Dhabi with Paul and the main cast.

The single thing which is certain is that the cast of the movie will be distracted and a possible halt of the production is bound to happen.

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