Autonomous Teslas, Honda Civics and The Middle Ground


Elon Musk, the founder of the incredibly innovative startup of an electric auto company we all know as Tesla, has decided to rock the auto world with some pretty big news regarding to their electric cars. However, as cool as his big news are, he might just be pushing the envelope in terms of taking away things we’re “used to”. Yes, we know that times change and certain things that we couldn’t live without are now obsolete, but when they’re new changes, it can feel a little bit strange.

We’re going to look first at Musk’s comments and then wonder how that might affect the auto industry and what kind of cars we’re going to have to drive in the future. This isn’t just about cool auto news, this is about how those cool new green cars change consumer experience for years and years to come.

90% Autonomous Vehicles that also know a thing or two about protection of the environment; Bold move Tesla!


Yes, Musk said it, he believes that they can have 90% autonomous vehicles within the next three years. That’s pretty big news. Imagine the percentage of how autonomous your car is now; Yeah, it’s low! Therefore, 90% autonomous vehicles are practically a new breed of cars from the electric cars department.

Most people haven’t even driven anything close to that technologically-advanced idea of a car, people are still trying to find a car with a low fuel consumption and that has a low acquisition cost or price tag in order for them to afford the car care part.

For those of you who are fanboying/girlying over these new autonomous vehicles, don’t get too excited!

Remember, you may or may not be able to afford such a car, and I’m not sure when or if a 100% autonomous vehicle can even be produced. As Musk said, it may be even harder to figure out the last 10% than it was to get the first 90% done with all that care of cars and innovative thinking.

40 Years of the Honda Civic On The Road! A reliable japanese car!


The Honda Civic is a classic car. No, it’s not a classic in the way in which most people think of. However, the Honda Civic hatchback has been around so long that almost everyone has either driven one, owned one, or at least ridden in one, am I right guys? Read more about it at Kloster Group news

The thing about the Honda Civic is that it performs a service many cars did not before it. It has a good car engine, it allows for a little bit more storage without making the car ridiculously large and it can go on forever. You still can’t get this kind of car from other auto manufacturers!

This leads us to an incredibly fair question. How am I going to get an autonomous car like the one which Tesla wants to build, that’s actually practical for me?

The Middle Ground

Teslas are cool cars and we would all likely enjoy driving one, but there comes a problem when considering how awesome it would be to drive one of their autonomous vehicles. Will that car actually be practical for you?

Let’s say that you’re in a band and you need that hatch like on the Civic to get all your gear in the car. What if you have a child and you need that little bit of extra room? Let’s take it even farther. What about autonomous minivans and SUV’s?

No one would suggest that Tesla is responsible for transforming the entire auto industry all in one. They might not be the ones who need to be making autonomous minivans and family vehicles, but will it be possible for anyone to produce that kind of car and allow it to be as fabulous as the autonomous vehicles that are going to roll off the line for Tesla in about three years?

The Car Driving Experience with an autonomous Tesla


Many people are going to say that they would love to have an autonomous vehicle that can be charged so easily that gas stations would become obsolete, but what about the car driving experience? Is this bound to change?

Some of the best parts of the driving experience are handling the steering wheel, giving the car a little more gas (pushing the pedal to the metal), stopping for gas, buying weird snacks, overly-caffeinated soda, and moving on. That’s one of the ways you meet all the interesting people along your way.

I’m not accusing Elon Musk of trying to eliminate a part of car history but I’m asking, are we going to lose something when we become autonomous?

There’s only one way to find out. We have to wait for the cars and see how much our society’s priorities have changed. I’m not saying I’ll miss paying for gas all the time, electric cars are great but I am saying I’ll miss the engine sound when I rev my car’s engine and that cold Dr. Pepper which gives you more energy after a long driving trip.

Contributed to Care Of Cars by Andre Smith, an aspiring automotive blogger.

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