Funny tutorial: How to get a racing car sound from a small car’s exhaust system!


Sometimes people take care of cars not too seriously but the other way around and that’s not a real bad thing because we, the audience can get a lot of laughs out of these car care jokes like the one which these teenage pranksters perform with their small and old Nissan Micra making it sound like a sports car or even a supercar with the cheapest racing exhaust you can think of!

Every funny teenager from the auto world tries to make his car sound better, be faster and look prettier but these russian teens really know how to make people laugh on the street with their car joke ’cause they’ve managed to create the perfect sports car sound with only a piece of rubber from a cut hose; Yeah this really is the cheapest exhaust muffler ever created 😀

You can say goodbye to modifying your car at a car shop, now you can build your own racing car with a rubber exhaust muffler which makes an ugly racing noise, some duct tape for a more aggressive look and some higher octane gasoline for speed :).

Imagine yourself in your car, driving around when suddenly, a wild racing car sound approaches you; You look behind you, in your right, in your left in order to get at least a glimpse of the awesome sports car and there isn’t any modified Subaru around you.. but the sound is getting even closer.. if you look more carefully you can see it!!! It’s a 1.2 litre Nissan Micra!!!

What do you think of this funny auto youtube video and that “awesome” racing noise coming out of an exhaust system with a piece of rubber hose on it? Russian videos on youtube, making people’s life funnier since the beginning of internet! C’mmon now, isn’t this an awesome auto related joke?

Btw, this is the perfect example which demonstrates that a lot of people with apparently fast cars which produce a nice engine sound on the streets, are fake blokes who only want to impress girls! Thanks for watching this funny russian auto video!

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