Public Enemy – Harder Than You Think


Hey there auto world, I watched a good movie these last days, it was called “End Of Watch” and man oh man it was a good one! Besides the car chasing scenes and shooting around, it showed that friendship and camaraderie between two police partners and in that same movie i’ve found one of the best driving songs from when drove their patrol car, it sounded something like: “Your government’s a gangster, so cut the crap, a war goin on so where y’all at? Fight the Power”; That awesome song is called “Public Enemy – Harder than you think”.

Forget about care of cars and other car care things and just use the car songs which I give you while doing your own low speed neighbourhood patrol like those cops from the movie :).


While we was in the car on our way to the Shop
Well yo, right now kick the bass for them brothers
And let ’em know, WHAT, GOES, ON!

From the lyrics you can see that this is the perfect driving song so kick that bass from your subwoofer and let everybody know how you’re feeling! Everytime when I’m listening to this song from “End of Watch”, it makes me wanna’ take a long long cruise :D.

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