A lot of history inside the Bentley Crewe factory – See how Bentleys are born


The auto world is filled with auto enthusiasts and those who are passionate about car care or care of cars will surely enjoy this next video which takes us all inside the Bentley factory, the place where the auto manufacturers give their best effort in order to create those perfect luxury cars.


No, this is not a car commercial but more of a how a Bentley is made insight and this youtube video really gives me the feeling that Bentley along with Rolls Royce, will have for a long time, the same class, style and fashion with exquisite elegance.

Here, at Bentley Crewe, the first Bentley ever produced was the Bentley Mark VI along with the first Roll Royce, the Rolls Royce Silver Wraith!

The value of a Bentley car isn’t coming only from its raw materials or the details of auto innovations and engineering which produce whopping car specs but also from the Bentley craftsmanship which was passed on from generation to generation. This detail makes the handcrafted Bentley to be just like a jewel!

Walter Owen Bentley, the founder of Bentley Motors saw the benefit of competing with cars in races; If you’d show the customer the fact that those cars were strong enough to sustain a great amount of hardcore driving around a race track, it would be good auto advertising and it will prove their reliability for road use!

In this Bentley presentation you’ll see the perfect harmony of modern systems and technology interacting with human skills and you’ll also get the chance to know some of Bentley’s history!

Bentley isn’t a cheap car, it has alloy wheels with an acquisition cost or price tag that can buy a 5 year old Bmw 3 series, a car interior made all out of the finest wood and metals, a huge car engine which roars and a shiny car emblem with wings; All these make Bentley Motors sustain their almost 100 year old business and go beyond that!

I really think that Volkswagen did a great job when they decided to buy Bentley.. now we will have Bentley for like, forever 😀 !

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