Citroen Survolt: a super electric racing car which goes like Stig


Everybody wants to see electric cars on the road but what does the auto world think about them on the track? Wanna see an electric supercar which has an engine sound that resembles to a fuel jet taking off? Well with the help of the Top Gear series, you’ll see a running Citroen Survolt, a purebred electric racing car designed and built with great care of cars and innovative technology!

The Citroen Survolt is a concept car and green car all in one so it’s good for the protection of the environment and other tree hugger stuff besides racing; You can say bye bye to that nasty fuel consumption which a racing car has and enjoy its top speed !:D

I really don’t know what car care measures apply for this Citroen Survolt, but the auto manufacturers from Citroen gave it some impressive car specs besides a crazy futuristic look:


  • it has LED headlights which reduce the power consumption (you need that for a vehicle which is functioning only on electricity)
  • its car engine is a combination of electric motors which produce 300 horsepower
  • Citroen Survolt’s top speed? Well about 260 km per hour or 160 miles per hour and it goes from 0 to 60 mph or 100 kmh in less than 5 seconds so it goes like Stig
  • the range of its car battery is 200 km or 120 miles

Check out this awesome video from a Top Gear lap which shows an electric Citroen which is intended to be a racing car, going like it’s on steroids!

Citroen Survolt’s awesome design and futuristic looks are cool but doesn’t it resemble a little with a Bugatti Veyron after seeing some car photos? Anyway.. this is the future of electric car racing, a car without a gear lever because it has no gears, a car with astronomical acceleration and no fuel consumption.

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