The Chemical Brothers – Another World


If you really want to, you can drive your car to another world by listening to this driving song which acts like a portal to another dimension or in our case, another world! The Chemical Brothers have great talent in binding all those calming and also thrilling tunes which make your goose bumps appear in no time.

As usual, good car songs can improve your way of being, your traffic manners and your mood. Wouldn’t you treat your car with great car care with this song playing in the backround? Shifting the gears gently, pushing the throttle with passion and kindness, just enjoying the road …

Please remember that care of cars is directly connected to your mood, that’s why you have to be relieved from all the daily stress; Music changes everything uhhh I mean good driving music! 😀

Here we have Another World from The Chemical Brothers:

Don’t worry, you won’t get a dead battery if you listen to music in your car all the time, but sometimes, you have to start your engine in order to charge the car battery. Just imagine you being in the car, everything from the car interior is aligned perfectly in an incredible harmony, this song from The Chemical Brothers is in the backround.. what do you want more ? You can now enjoy the little things which matter in life!

You’ll also see that when you have a relaxed driving mode, you’ll also save a lot of fuel cause your fuel consumption will reduce itself when you’re one with the car and feel its every need :D.

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