Crazy stunt made by the president of Volvo trucks with the help of a port crane and .. a strong hook!


The auto world is interested in everything which has wheels and an engine and that’s why today I’m writing about the funny and also risky truck commercial from Volvo which was shot in the Gothenburg port from Sweden ; As the president of the Volvo trucks branch Claes Nilsson says:

When you want to make a youtube hit, you need the hook at the beginning of the video and here it is! This is a hook from the new Volvo FMX, made from cast iron and it holds up to 32 tons! You don’t need to worry about anything, the new Volvo FMX is the most robust truck which Volvo has ever built!

So, these words came from the president of Volvo trucks who was sitting on the front of a FMX truck which was held with the help of a port crane, by its hook! Now that’s one hell of a Volvo truck ad!


Nice to see that Claes Nilsson did his own dangerous stunt which gathered over 2 million hits on youtube! Ohh and yes, the sound technician was living la vida loca as well! 😀

You don’t even have to know anything about care of cars when it comes to these Volvo trucks ’cause the auto manufacturers from Volvo already builds them with great car care and they usually make reliable cars with awesome car safety gadgets; Now when it comes to trucks with powerful towing hooks, Volvo is the king as you can see from this awesome and funny video which is meant to be a truck commercial !

If you get involved in a car crash with a Volvo truck you can be certain of something! The hook will remain attached and unharmed!!!

This was some pretty good publicity stunt which has gone viral and this is the way to advertise in a funny way, a great truck! Btw,  I really think that the president of Volvo trucks is secured with the help of a fake left hand on the crane pole but that looks pretty real to everyone 😀

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