Last of the Land Rover Defenders before they get discontinued! A. Kahn Defender, an aggressive and luxurious off roader!


Every car owner of a Land Rover Defender will be sad to hear that this awesome off road car will be discontinued in 2 years.. yeah auto world, there won’t be anymore Land Rover Defenders out there or will they?!!

The old Land Rover Defender legacy which started in the 1940’s will be replaced with a new and awesome all wheel drive off roader which will blow everybody’s mind! The main reason for discontinuing the classic Land Rover Defender is that it became an unsafe car by European standards and car safety is a must these days. Anyway, for those who really love the bold Land Rover Defender, here is a small photo gallery with an A. Kahn Defender from the A. Kahn Design center.



Yeah this awesome tuning center did a great job with a normal Defender which was transformed with great care of cars into an aggressive car that impresses with its good looks and its military feeling as you can see from these car photos.

The Defender Kahn edition has wide wheel wings with integrated vents, typical Kahn styling features, wide track arch kit, bonnet vents with mesh, awesome black rims on for those cool tires and it even has armored plates under the bodywork; The glass which is installed by A. Kahn Design on the Land Rover Defender is thinner and lighter but still offers significant protection and improved light transition to the interior than the bulletproof glass which protects government officials.

The luxurious car interior of the A. Kahn Defender tuning shows that the old Land Rover Defender can also be turned into a luxury off roader which can also climb mountains with little to no effort.

What remains next is to see your feedback on this well groomed Land Rover Defender modified with the help of A. Kahn, a specialised tuning center which knows everything there is to know about car care and car concepts, so check out this photo gallery:







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