Pure music coming from a revving Lamborghini Veneno! Car specs and photos inside!


So as usual I’ve came across some great auto news for the auto world especially for those who love every Lamborghini which has ever made! Today you’ll be happy to hear that Lamborghini is building 9 units of their newest model, the VENENO!

This new Lamborghini, the Veneno, is made with special care of cars because it has to be the best car ever created by the auto industry so the auto manufacturers spend huge amounts of labour hours just to make it be the ultimate driving experience. You can agree with me after you see these car photos and video with the Veneno revving its horses! 😀

Looking at the Lamborghini Veneno, you get the feeling that this is not a car, but a beast of a supercar, the best looking and also most aggressive car ever to be built! Let’s see some car specs for the new Veneno:

  • 6.5 litre car engine, yeah a V12 engine which produces 750 horsepower!!!
  • extreme fast-shifting 7-speed ISR automatic transmission with 5 driving modes
  • it’s only in all wheel drive
  • racing chassis with all kinds of suspension and stability systems
  • the Lamborghini Veneno’s top speed? 355 km/h and it hits 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds!!
  • carbon ceramic disk brakes

If you’re interested, here’s a video with the Lamborghini Veneno revving its engine, ohh the sweet engine sound it produces!!

That extraordinary car care with the help of which the auto manufacturers build the Lamborghini Veneno is quite expensive and as result, a Lamborghini Veneno’s price tag or acquisition cost is $ 4.4 million so if you see a car crash which involved a Veneno, then the car owner, if he survived, might kill himself later on!

veneno's top speed

Even if they had to make it as light as they could (a Veneno’s weight is 1,490 kilograms or 3,285 pounds), the Lamborghini engineers still let the luxury department have its way around the car interior and as a result you can expect to get a leather interior with fine leather stitching that has Italy’s flag colors, digital dashboard, lots of gadgets and switches, ohh and of course carbon fiber (this pleased the auto engineers because of the light weight of the material).


Am I the only one who thinks that the back of the Lamborghini Veneno resembles to the one from the Mclaren P1? Two totally wicked supercars if you don’t mind me saying!




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