Rapid Skoda pictures and specifications



front view on skoda rapidI simply adore it, it looks exquisite! Let me tell you a little about the Rapid Skoda developed from the MissionL concept car and show you some Skoda Rapid pictures that will blow your mind.

First of all, the new 2012 Rapid Skoda is a mid-size saloon that will beat Skoda Fabia’s size but will be smaller than Skoda Octavia. The czech car will be 4.38 meters long and its boot capacity will be around 460 liters.

AS you can see from these Skoda Rapid pictures, this car is stylish and a good replacement for Volkswagen Jetta in its class. With its boot-lid, taillights and rear bumper looking that agressive it seems that the new Rapid Skoda achieved the title of car with personality and because Skoda has good care of cars, the Rapid has options like:

  • adjustable steering
  • you can adjust your driving posture because you can lower or raise your driver’s seat
  • power windows
  • air conditioner for those hot days in the car
  • power steering to ease your hand movements around the wheel
  • anti lock braking system or ABS
  • power door lock
  • cd player
  • lots of airbags are included to the Rapid Skoda options pack too

skoda rapid images and specificationsOf course, if you’re in the money, you can also put extra options like alloy wheels, halogen head lights, multi function display on Rapid Skoda and much more like an interior-exterior pack with chrome trims.

I guess you’re anxious to see some Rapid Skoda pictures but bare with me a little bit more till i finish with its summary description. The new Skoda has front wheel drive powered by 1.6 petrol or diesel engines that give 105 bhp and its suspension has a little stiffness that gives the car a good feel while driving.

Check out the new Skoda Rapid images from top gear:

new rapid skoda side view
skoda rapid back view and specifications


  1. i’m wondering if this car will be rapid enough with a full boot and 4 people in it, 105 bhp aren’t enough ..

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