This is how to own a gold digger! Best payback video made with the help of a Lamborghini Gallardo


Hey there auto world, if you want to see a funny experiment made with the help of an opportunist woman then you’ve hit the right spot even if you came here for some car care stuff.

Women love expensive cars and a lot of women are gold diggers! That’s what Vitalyzd is trying to demonstrate in this car related video with him approaching a girl without the help of a Lamborghini Gallardo (of course that he will use one in the video)! Hey ladies, don’t be mad at me, this is only proof of how hot chicks usually love thick wallets with lots of cash or exotic/ luxurious/ sports cars!

After watching this funny video from Vitalyzd which is very well made, the auto manufacturers from Lamborghini should pay him for this masked car commercial which goes something like:

No matter how hard it might be to pick up a sexy blonde girl, when you go near your Lamborghini Gallardo, you can be sure that she will immediately change her mind because the higher the acquisition cost is or the bigger the price tag is, the hornier she gets!

And that’s true because sexy girls are money grabbers! You can be certain that you won’t have hot chicks running after you if you’re the car owner of a Ford Pinto (which is a ugly and cheap car );


This funny video though, shows exactly the human behaviour, men who are on the lookout for hot women (yeah I agree that we men are hypocrites too) and those sexy material girls who don’t even turn their heads at normal men with a normal income.

Check out the dialogue between Vitalyzd and the money grabber:

Vitalyzd: I was looking at you and I thought you were really pretty and I wanted to get your number, let’s go out to dinner, is that too much?
Money Grabber: You know I usually don’t go out to dinner with people!
Vitalyzd: Are you sure you don’t wanna go out with me? (while entering the Lamborghini)
Gold Digger: That’s your car??
Vitalyzd: Yeah that’s my car, why?
Material Girl: Well I might be able to go out to dinner with you, there’s a bar down the street
Vitalyzd: Ohhhh, now you want to, too bad, I don’t like gold diggers! (OWNED!!!)

Liked this entertaining video? This is how you spot a shallow or superficial girl! If you’re a guy who’s lucky enough to own or even rent a Lamborghini, try it, at least you’ll be the alpha male and show a gold digger that payback hurts, just like Vitalyzd!

Sometimes, care of cars isn’t everything if you want to be successful.

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