RED FANG – “Hank Is Dead” (Official Music Video)


RED FANG – “Hank Is Dead” (Official Music Video), check out one of the coolest driving songs for those who listen to rock&roll music! This car song is truly awesome and it has a funny video which starts with a fat guy who showers and suddenly finds himself surrounded by two band members from Red Fang, all naked! Kind of awkward isn’t it?

These guys from Red Fang really know how to put up a show and make you feel nice and cool especially if you’re into rock music so get a high performance cd player, some quality speakers and enjoy your new ride comfort created with the help of your car care measures.

The car which drives around town with those big and ugly speakers is a 1967 Ford Country Squire (station wagon) which looks like crap but it does its job even if care of cars doesn’t exist for it ! How would you feel to listen such good driving music on the streets and live just like in the youtube video? I wouldn’t mind turning off my radio to listen to Red Fang! 😀

I find this driving song pretty energizing and you also get to see these old school classic cars like that white Chevrolet Corvair Greenbriar Van from the 1960’s. I really do like to see these american autos and their reliability, those car engines keep up after so many years.

red fang hank is dead cars in video

What I dislike about this video is that masked commercial for Monster Energy though :); anyway it’s hard to make a music video without having some good sponsors so lovely car songs like this one are allowed to monetize theirselves!

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