Electric Bmw E36 with massive torque!! The future of race cars, must see video!


Hey there friends from the auto world, as you all know, the auto industry has reached that point where they can build electric cars but they still want to juice out all of the petrol; Some guys from a private auto segment are into modifying these obsolete vehicles and making them green and fast! This is why you’ll get to see a fast electric racing car made out of an old Bmw E36 which is also a green car that loves to keep a clean environment.

These dudes from the EV West auto company didn’t want to make your normal Toyota Prius electric car but they wanted a pure bred electric race car and that’s how they managed to turn this Bmw E36 from a cheap car to an awesome electric concept car which will surely blow your mind with its car specs, this really is proof that everybody can have their own electric cars made with great care of cars!!


Huge amount of torque and horsepower on the crazy electric Bmw E36: 400 kw which convert into 342 horsepower and 850 lb/ft of torque!!

Who wouldn’t want a Bmw E36 electric sports car? It’s just awesome for car racing, just think of the torque and top speed coming from that electric car engine and with its car interior that’s filled with switches, it looks like it comes straight out of the movies; A spaceship which goes like Stig!

Even with a very strong drag transmission, the massive amount of torque from this electric race car which once was a Bmw E36, can cause gearbox parts to basically run away from each other!


The process of modifying a Bmw E36 or any other car from a normal petrol one to an electric modified racing car is pretty expensive and the acquisition cost for the engine parts and others go sky high but man.. after the engine rebuild made with great car care in mind, you’ll have your own personal RC racing car!

CareOfCars.com’s top tip:

You don’t really know how fast you are going until it’s time to slow down!

There will be a problem when you’ll get a dead battery though cause the car battery isn’t that big. The trunk will be filled with lots of them but the electric engine that’s on the Bmw E36 will still drain the juice quickly!

When you think about it, this old Bmw E36 which was a problem for the protection of the environment, now it can be a green car because it’s all electric and electric cars are the future. Would you like to have your own electric race car?

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