Kanye West – Flashing lights lights lights ft. Dwele for a long car trip


Thinking of a car trip in the near future? If the answer is yes, than you should remember that you have great care of cars and you must get some driving songs. I can always recommend great driving music or road trip songs that can give you a good driving mood like this song from Kanye West does with those flashing lights lights lights.

Flashing lights are quite expressive words especially when Dwele says them while you’re on a car trip “flashing lights lights lights”. That beautiful girl from the video that gets undressed after driving that black ford mustang gives driving songs a good rep because the youtube video uses just that.. cars! And it means that even singers that produce driving songs show some care of cars as everybody should and it’s a good thing to know that when driving on a long car trip 😀 .

But you have to remember that even if these are driving songs you can always have a car dvd player and you mustn’t do what that girl from the video does, meaning you mustn’t kill that man in the trunk if you do have one inside of course when going for that car trip haha.

Also remember that Grand Theft Auto yeap, San Andreas or GTA 4 are only games and you’re not a real mobster, just enjoy your driving songs especially this one that says flashing lights lights lights from Kanye West!

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