Epic Ferrari F50 Showdown!! Burnouts, rally gravel racing and tug of war between a red and yellow pony


C’mmon auto world, did you miss me? Well I’m back and now you’ll see one of the best supercar youtube videos that are out there! You’ll see 2 Ferrari F50, which aren’t cheap cars, doing things that will shock some auto enthusiasts and also the auto manufacturers from Ferrari so get ready!

This is better than any car chase which you’ve ever seen on tv because what we have here is some car racing with two F50’s, the representative supercar of the 90’s!

I was afraid of a car crash when the 2 Ferrari F50 started pulling each other in a tug of war game; Those were some extreme donut burnouts coming out from 2 Ferrari F50 that were tied together with a rope 😀 and with that massive car engine, a 4.7 liter V12 engine it was only brute force on the line!

Everybody dreams to get the chance to drive a Ferrari F50 on the open road but few people own such beauties on wheels and those guys are too involved into car care, they don’t drive them like you should drive a Ferrari!

As a guy says in the youtube video:

The purpose of a Ferrari is to be driven at 100% of its potential and not to be kept in a garage ’cause that’s what rich people do; Keeping it as a jewel with great care of cars in mind is good but don’t overdo it!

Ferrari produced only 349 units of the F50 model and two of those went to some serious gravel racing which can chip the paint off, extreme burnouts and other car stunts which pushed these red and yellow pony cars to their max limit just like in rally races!!


I can really understand this crazy driving with a Ferrari F50 if you’re a rich car owner, it really is a fun video to watch. (don’t even think of the acquisition cost for this rare italian auto!)


Enjoy this awesome Ferrari F50 burnout and racing event! I hope that the Top Gear series will get some funding to do such fun and entertaining videos with supercars! Gotta love that revving sound from the engine!

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