Having sex with your car is normal according to these guys!


strange addictions and fetishesIf you want so see a shocking video go no further, you’ve reached the right spot. I’m constantly talking about care of cars and it seems that some particular car owners display an exaggerated car care which goes beyond a healthy behaviour.

Today’s article is about a guy who, believe me or not, makes love with his car, in the literal way, yeah he is having sex with his car!

The sadest part of it all is that this cheap car is a simple but red Chevrolet Lumina from the second generation ( it has rounder headlights which makes it look more voluptuous and with more appealing curves :)).

C’mmon man how could you dare telling your father such a thing, especially on TV, I mean the auto world is shocked to hear that you have sex with a car, I pitty his father; In the past, if you’d do such a thing to your father, you would’ve ended up in a hospital with a broken jaw!

When his father asked him out of curiosity about the way in which he has sex with that Chevrolet, he answered:

Mainly is a lot of rubbing against it, in certain times it involves masturbating as well.


In some ways, this is a pretty funny video which gets a lot of comments on youtube like:

  • “so you put it in the gas hole”
  • “maybe that’s how transformers were made”
  • car did not give consent, I believe this is rape! not to mention slavery!
  • his next car mod: A Fleshlight
  • “vroom vroom if you know what I mean”

Anyway, this really is a strange addiction, having sex with cars is nuts. I can only imagine what would he do if he had a Bentley, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Ferrari or Lamborghini 😐 . This is what happens if you have an unhealthy childhood with twisted events. What would Jeremy Clarkson say about this strange car related video?

If you want to laugh a lot, check out this other youtube video with this guy, he’s crazy about cars if you know what i mean 😀 !


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