Do your own auto detailing for leather seats; Video example on a Honda Accord


interior cleaning and auto detailingThe auto industry has a lot of branches and one of them is auto detailing. When it comes to car cleaning, your car, even if it’s a cheap car or luxury car, will always need that precious car care if you want it to look like back in the day when you bought it!

So, now with the help of a charismatic dude from this youtube video, you can see how to approach cleaning on the inside of your car especially if it’s a Honda Accord (the demonstration is made on one).

After a few years, the car interior gets tons of dirt, shoe prints and other stuff which are hard to get out but not while this guy has something to say about interior detailing!


Larry knows a thing or two about auto detailing and he shows us, on a filthy Honda Accord, some basic leather care principles which can come in handy when you need to clean leather seats and give back their old shine.

According to him, the interior cleaning of a car is separated into 3 techniques where each has its steps or options.

For this auto detailing he will start with the least expensive technique and he’ll gradually adopt the money and time consuming ones but for every leather seat cleaning technique you need some cleaning instruments such as:

  • scrub pad (don’t use the scrub pad on old or faded leather)
  • brushes
  • microfiber towel
  • car polisher
  • steam machine cleaner
  • leather cleaner

Are you ready for some leather seat care? This is all about care of cars, if you get to this phase it means that you kind of neglected your car but anyway, better late than never..’s top tip:

Please use caution on any interior surface when you’re restoring its condition, interior detailing for a car isn’t a joke; In this case, it’s modern leather and it can take some cleaning mistakes, don’t apply too much pressure, too much leather conditioners and etc.

Cleaning Technique no. 1:
Put some leather cleaner on a microfiber towel and just wipe! You’ll get some of the dirt off those leather seats but you’ll be doing a better interior detailing for those leather seats if you squirt a little leather cleaner on the seat and with the help of a brush spread it all around so it can soak the leather and clean it better. You don’t have to take your car to those expensive car washes out there, this is why I teach you how to do it yourself!

If you’re still not pleased with the end result, use that scrub pad but while using it, always squirt some of that leather conditioner for more lubrication.

Cleaning Technique no. 2:
Let’s use the power stuff! apply some cleaner on those leather seats and with the car polisher which has a special pad for leather, wax it off but in a gentle manner.

Cleaning Technique no. 3:
For the interior cleaning of a car like in our case, you can also use the expert auto detailing tool, the steam machine cleaner along with the microfiber towel.

Check out the video for more details and suggest our blog to your friends! Cheers


  1. never thought that cleaning some leather seats can be so easy and quite fun. No more auto detailing services from that nasty car wash that’s in my neighbourhood!!

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