10 minute “buff it out yourself” – removing dents and scratches from a slightly damaged car


removing dents and scratches off of your car in 10 minutesIf you get into a car crash and obtain some scratches, the other car’s paint over yours, dents and anything else, you usually must pay dearly for this lack of car care which you showed if it was your fault.

Don’t worry bro, that’s why I’m constantly searching the web for clean, easy and costless ways to keep your car in a at least good shape!

If you don’t have a car insurance and try to take your car to a car shop for some “straightening”, you’ll probably end up spending over 2000 dollars for similar dents and scratches like those which were on the truck from this youtube video.

If you don’t want to invest this amount of money into your car, the best way in which you can approach a dent removal, is by doing it yourself! 😀

Removing a dent after a car crash or fender bender is a typical problem from the auto world and even if you have a cheap car, a good care of cars can be shown for every car out there, it’s just common sense.

In today’s how to do it yourself video, you’ll see Brian, a good mechanic who knows his way around cars.

Please don’t imagine that your car will remain scratchless or dentless after the 10 minute “buff it out yourself” dent removal tutorial, it will look much much more better but if you want perfection, then you have to pay up big money to your local car shop. (play it in high definition to actually see the results)

Tools you need when doing a quick fix for a dented car:

  • polisher and a buffing pad ( remember when using the buffing pad to keep it moving around to reduce friction (heat). Why? Cause it can melt the paint
  • wet sand paper
  • rubber mallet
  • screwdriver
  • a medium size suction cup
  • 10 minutes of your precious time 😀

I don’t know if american autos have different metal sheets or not but you have to invest a lot of work in any small scratch or dent with these cars so time consuming can be a keyword in our costless dent removal attitude; The acquisition cost for what you will use is so small, all those tools go together at a maximum price of 70 dollars and you get to use them for life (except de buffing pad).

Careofcars.com’s top tip:

To buy a polisher can be a bit pricey but you can always borrow one from a neighbour to ensure a very low cost for this 10 minute mildly repair of a car without insurance!

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