So get rid of smells if you’re smelling bad smells in your car!


car smell removal top tipsHello there automotive world! Sometimes when you buy a new car that’s also an used car (oxymoron) you can risk getting yourself  in some bad smells if you know what i mean but hear me out on this; Buying a car with bad smells it’s a good thing because you can get a better price on it and you can get rid of smell in an easy manner later on because it’s your car and you need to have great care of cars if you want some mechanical respect from them.

So, if i have a point there you can start thinking of a great way to enjoy your car in long trips without smelling bad smells from the previous car owner. There are a lot of car care methods for showing your care of cars when it comes to bad smells and today i’ll start by giving you some top tips as the Top Gear series show could also do, but they don’t.

Removing smell from cars is easy and it’s a way to show that you care of cars thus caring for yourself. Try to use these car care top tips if you want to get rid of smell, particularly bad smells:

  • Clear everything out of the car! This is the first step to get rid of smell from your car even if it involves finding some crappy altered food or some other unwanted surprises that have bad smells but that’s the bright side because you can’t get rid of that smell of smoke by throwing something out. When clearing all that junk also check the pull-out drink containers, under the seat cover or even under the car seats but what the heck get the seats out of the car and your first step to get rid of smell is done!
  • Wipe all the car surfaces gently and careful with a cleaning cloth that’s soft enough for wood, plastic, glass and metallic surfaces from inside of your car and also feel free to use some mild detergent for better cleaning and a better care of cars. If you have leather seats then buy yourself a proper leather cleaner that will help a lot with those bad smells.

smelling bad smells

  • Clean your car carpets but try to take your time when doing this because before vacuuming you should brush the carpet so that the dirt can loosen itself. Also use a carpet deodorizer after cleaning the car carpets.
  • Start scrubbing the upholstery with car shampoo and a clean sponge to remove bacteria and dirt from inside the fabric because if you didn’t know, the fabric can have bad smells too and you must get rid of smell quickly!

Still smelling bad smells inside the car? Well don’t worry, you’re nearly finished with having a spotless car! You should know another thing about bad smells inside a car… Usually car smells are influenced by deficitary maintenance of the AC air conditioning. Yes, so air conditioning can affect the car smells and you can avoid that by having a car care consciousness and verifying each year the air conditioning system at an authorized car service or at least to replace the cabin filter.

Say No to smelling bad smells and also use these secret top tips to get rid of smell:

  • Vinegar against bad smells – boil a bowl of vinegar and when it reaches boiling point, put the bowl inside the car and close the windows and doors. After at least 12 hours you can air out your car and see the result, the get rid of smell result.
  • Baking soda fights bad car smell – sprinkle some baking soda on the car carpets and under the car seats. Let it work its magic overnight and then vacuum & air out the car for at least a few hours. Remember these car care top tips because they’ll come in handy once or twice in your lifetime.
  • Ozone treatment for cars – this is a good way to get rid of bad smells but it’s a costly bad smell removal for which you have to be in the money.


  1. Hey man, when cleaning my car to remove bad smells i also use a few drops of aromatic oil that i put on the cabin filter and the smell is better

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