Fancy a funny car fail video? Acura Integra ripping of its bumper!


matte black acura integra with gold rimsRemember the old Acura Integra from Need For Speed Underground? It had great car specs and our today’s funny video with a classic car fail involves one matte black with gold rims Acura Integra that gets bashed by its car owner 😀 .

It seems that the driver knows a thing or two when it comes to care of cars because he probably did an engine check up or an oil change, but he didn’t expect for this funny auto thing to happen.

What happened to him was a different type of car crash, more of a fail with the third generation Acura Integra (american auto) or Honda Integra that was produced between 1993 and 2001. So don’t you want to laugh a little at this funny youtube video?

While he was trying to get off the improvised ramp, something bad for him but funny for us guys, happened to him; His bumper was ripped off and that strong Acura still had its headlights and hood untouched. It’s good that the Acura Integra is a sports car with car racing pedigree on the streets and that’s why, its bumpers are made from cheap plastic; The car gets lighter and you can also replace the bumpers quickly after a fender bender .

Did you know that Acura Integra, the third generation, like the one from this car fail video, was designated by the auto world, the best handling front wheel drive car ever ?

After such a funny car fail, the guys from the car shop are eager to overcharge the bill for that ripped bumper :D.

Guy driving the Acura: what was that noise?
Guy filming: doesn’t give a single fuck
Guy driving the Acura: Hmm? Guess i’ll just keep on going in reverse disregarding the loud crunching noise of my bumper fuckin’ ripping off!

The funny video with the car fail would’ve been even better if some airbags would’ve popped out in the driver’s face ! As the video description says: Who needs bumpers anyways?! Car care thinking is for losers 😀

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