Zombie wars or end of the world? This modified Chevrolet Spark can handle both!


chevrolet sparkSome people from the auto world want to prepare for the end of the world, zombie wars or any other strange happenings so that’s why, my today’s article is all about the 2012 SEMA small Chevrolet Spark, an urban assault vehicle which doesn’t need any car care attention.

Yes, it’s a cheap car with tuning elements and some survival gear (not too much):

  • Extended bullbar that surrounds the car on the front, side and back of it as you can see from the photo gallery. It helps the Chevrolet Spark when it gets into small car crashes, when it hits surprise obstacles along the way or when you just feel the need to road kill a zombie :D.
  • Huge speaker system on the rooftop to find potential survivors by airing audio messages on the streets while driving just like in the Will Smith movie, “I am legend”.
  • Window grills for extra protection.
  • LED lighting for those scary nights.
  • Recaro seats for when you use that urban assault vehicle for car chases. What? Chevrolet Spark can run too even if it’s not a sports car :D.
  • Sat Nav to know your position and a sporty car interior.
  • Extra car batteries because if you get a dead battery when you’re trying to start the car engine in order to escape zombies or natural disasters, then you have a problem.
  • New funky alloy wheels just for the car design.
  • New car paint job (camouflage looking)

The Chevrolet Spark tuning is focused mostly on car design and the lowered car part is a bad touch for a zombie / end of the world / natural disaster urban assault vehicle because you need high ground clearance.

the walking dead

Another bad thing that could ruin our small hatchback is a potential geomagnetic storm because it does some electrical related stuff; Something like that can fry the car’s electrical wiring and it won’t start so those who tuned up the Chevrolet Spark with great care of cars, did it for nothing!

At least you can see some great car pictures with the zombie wars / end of the world / natural disaster, urban assault vehicle!

This is a wild guess but i think that those guys prepared the Chevrolet Spark for a more of a zombie thing and they got inspired from the popular TV show, “The Walking Dead”.

enemy to fashion

The small and fuel efficient 1.0 litre car engine that equips the Spark, has a good fuel consumption that goes around 4.5 l/100 km extra urban and 6.6 l/100 km for urban driving. That sounds pretty darn good but with the added weight from the speaker system, bullbar and extra car batteries, it will drink a little more gas, anyway, you’ll find gas everywhere around the world if something happens to Earth’s population, like a zombiefied situation :D.

Car cleaning won’t be necessary for your urban assault vehicle because you’ll use it a lot for car racing maneuvers to get away from natural disasters or zombies; It’s ready for war!

Check out the photo gallery with the Zombie wars / End of the world / Natural disaster Chevrolet Spark:

urban assault vehicle

cars ready for zombie wars

recaro seats

prepared for zombie attacks

the walking dead

killing zombies car

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