Why have a car key when there aren’t any key holes in the Chevrolet Corvette? With videos!


digital corvetteThat Chevrolet Corvette key does wonders and it opens a new mystical world filled with huge amounts of horsepower but wait a second, you don’t even have a key ignition on your Chevrolet or any key holes because you own a digital Corvette! Oh, i’ve just remembered that at the end of this first youtube video, the car owner of a red Chevrolet Corvette showed us the trick with the car key! Do you know what’s the intended use for your Chevrolet’s car key?

Well, at a first look, it seems that the car key for a Corvette could be used only to lock and unlock a glove box but i really doubt the fact that the auto manufacturers from General Motors could’ve been so narrow minded and i’m right, they showed great car care and practicality!

So what’s the point of having a key for a digital car that opens and starts at the push of a few buttons?

Off topic, if you own a Chevrolet Corvette, don’t start telling people that it’s a muscle car because it isn’t, it’s a sports car!

Your Chevrolet’s car key still has a purpose in this auto world and its purpose is to save your ass if you need to get inside your digital Corvette when it has a dead battery.

Could you think of a way to unlock the door of your Corvette when you’re out of juice? Well let’s see a video tutorial on how to unlock your car using the Corvette key!

Okay now, this isn’t a carjacking how to article for those who found a Corvette key on the ground! This is serious stuff guys and you wouldn’t like to break your own car window or make an embarrassing call to your Chevrolet dealer. When it comes to care of cars the first step in showing it, is to know everything about your car.

How to unlock the door from the outside of a Chevrolet Corvette when you have a dead battery issue!

For that huge acquisition cost for a Corvette, you’d expect a back up plan when your battery dies and that plan exists. This is when your car key really comes in handy and this is why:

Above your back license plate, there is a hidden key hole and when you slide your Corvette’s key in a vertical position, into it, well that’s how you open your boot lid. Okay, now after doing that, on the left side or the driver’s side, there is a string. If you pull that string, your door will be mechanically opened!

How to unlock the door from the inside of a Chevrolet Corvette if your car battery dies!

This car dealer from Chevrolet really provides good customer service and just look at how simple everything is:

If you’re inside of the Chevrolet Corvette and your battery suddenly dies, the simple and single thing that you can do to open the door is to pull the lever which you can find in your left. It’s kind of small but it has a drawing with an open door so it’s easy to spot.

So, in your face Top Gear series!!! I bet that Jeremy Clarkson, James May or Richard Hammond didn’t tell you such good top tips!

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