Tricked out car with over 500 hp to die for – Video with the 69′ Camaro!


phantom grillWho wouldn’t want a classic american auto like this 69 Camaro which was built with passion and great car care for the auto world. People who love a well built muscle car will surely love this different Chevrolet Camaro from 1969. Why am i saying that this muscle car is different from other 69 Camaros?

Well as you can see from the youtube video, that beautiful engine sound comes from an unusual Chevrolet Camaro which has a modern body kit and a car engine which produces over 500 hp, wtf it’s a supercharged v8!

This muscle car can proudly say (if it could talk something besides that awesome engine sound) that it received the best treatment when it comes to care of cars and it spent a lot of time in the car shop where, the 69 Camaro with 500 hp also received:

  • a complete engine rebuild with better engine parts
  • one big supercharger for the v8 engine
  • a hand crafted body kit
  • sparco seats
  • HRE rims forged 18′ and tubeless tires if you wondered about those wheels which are on the Chevrolet Camaro
  • our 500 hp muscle car got a momo steering wheel as well
  • new suspension
  • 6 speed transmission
  • new car interior
  • a huge sound system which kicks your Cd Mp3’s ass 😀
  • interesting front grill like those which were on the Dodge Challengers from the movie “In Time”. Don’t worry it still has headlights under the phantom grill and they shine right through it at night.

challenger front grill from movie in time
As you’ve seen, the car specs for this 500 hp Chevrolet Camaro are drastically improved just like the engine sound and the next youtube video will show you exactly the same thing! Forget about cheap cars and just dream of your own badass car with black paint job!

I find those rigged tail lights very sexy because they’re flashing when the driver pushes the throttle at high revs ooohh and now, because he removed the original 69 Camaro spoiler, the muscle car looks even better, it has a streamline design :D.

supercharged v8

chevrolet camaro

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