Volkswagen’s envy on Dacia’s success – Can they outsell the competition?


cheap cars from the competitionSince Dacia is a huge success with its cheap cars such as the Logan, Sandero or Duster, the german auto manufacturer Volkswagen, decided to declare war to Dacia by producing their own cheap models at awesome small prices that’ll be between 5000 and 8000 euros. The fact that Dacia sold lots of its cars in Germany bothered Volkswagen because it affected their sales.

With the global economic crisis, people can’t afford a very expensive car but they still need one that can do its job: To take them safely, from point A to point B even if it’s not a supercar!

So, if people still need cars but cheap ones, it’s good that the auto manufacturers are trying to produce low cost cars with low fuel consumption and low prices when it comes to car maintenance.

I guess that now, at the Top Gear series, there will be a lot of hype with Volkswagen’s new low cost cars but Dacia will still remain the king of cheap cars and even though James May genuinely likes the Dacia brand, you can’t expect a lot of publicity for the romanian brand. Jeremy Clarkson just hates it and with a little budget coming from Volkswagen for their Tv show, i guess that a car commercial for the new cheap german cars is bound to appear on Top Gear!

Dacia's competitionThe thing which helps Volkswagen to win on the long rung, is the fact that german autos are reliable and with a new low cost car, well let’s say that they’ll hit the jackpot. Another good reason for why they’ll outsell Dacia is because they are a famous brand in the auto industry and it means that they are also in the money when it comes to ads and publicity for their cars.

But there’s something which you don’t know about Volkswagen’s marketing scheme with cheap cars!!

Volkswagen is quite obsessed with Dacia’s success on the auto market for quite a while and they had to rethink their strategy so they came up with an old idea which Renault used when buying Dacia in 1998:

Volkswagen Up is a pretty small car for the auto world and it’s even more expensive than a Dacia Sandero. The difference between those 2 low cost cars when it comes to the price tag, goes at about 3000 euros because, while the Dacia Sandero costs about 6700 euros, the Volkswagen Up is 9900 euros. With the new strategy which they stole from Renault, Volkswagen will try to launch 3 new low cost car models based on their Polo and Golf platforms and the design lines will resemble to Dacia’s models. Such a new low cost car will come with the same front airbags, anti lock braking system and power windows like any Dacia model. Other car options like air conditioning or sat nav will be extras and they’ll cost.

It helps to know that car care will be cheap on a low cost car because it doesn’t have too many features that can break and the acquisition cost will be more than satisfying for the Volkswagen cars that’ll try to beat Dacia’s models :D.

Sadly, Volkswagen’s spokesman didn’t say anything about the car specs or future names for the models. Hopefully, we’ll see some car photos with the new low cost cars in 2013 but til then, you’ll just have to wait and read articles on care of cars!


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