Fire breathing rat rod video – Fire and flames from a rusty V8’er


Hi you guys from the auto world, i’m back with a cool youtube video that has a fire breathing rat rod, yes you’ve read correctly, the rat rod’s car engine spits fire and flames while the engine sound caresses our soul.

The video was shot at some kind of a car shop but it’s more special than that, it’s a genuine hot rod shop, Kenny’s Rod Shop to be more specific. There you can find a team of professionals who build rat rods literally from scrap parts. Get a v8 engine from an old car which had brawn, some usable engine parts, a rusty chassis and a car body from a Ford T if you want to build such a fire breathing beast.

Even if it’s only a junk car in some people’s eyes, to build such a fire breathing car, you have to think about every small detail, tune the car engine and tweak every single thing about it! This denotes a proper care of cars like you rarely see nowadays!

So as i’ve said, car care is present here but this isn’t an environmental friendly car, even car safety is poor when it comes to our fire and flames rat rod; There’s no seat belts, no power steering, no airbags, no windscreen or hood to protect you from the fire and flames (still the engine sound is awesome), no anti lock braking system, no electronic stability program.

At least you’ll get good customer service from Kenny’s rod shop and he’ll give you exactly what you’ve asked for: an interesting american auto representative!’s top tip:

If you’re in the money and you like this work of art despite of it being useless on the streets, go on and buy it! It’s like expensive women jewelry, you’ll buy them but you’ll have very few occasions to wear them.

That hideous and ugly car is like an angry fire breathing beast and that’s not a cheap car either so suck it up girlfriends and wifes! This rusty car has its classic rat rod wheels which also resemble with hot rod ones. Even if it’s a man’s car, women still love it (but not wifes and girlfriends), they’re intrigued and curious!

Something to remember when you’re the proud owner of a car which spits fire and flames like the one from the video: Don’t take your rat rod to the car wash because it’s already rusting and with the fire breathing thing going on, that wouldn’t be a good choice, would it? Just don’t wash it and be a little worried about the fuel consumption needs because they’re huge on this rat rod, oh well, at least we’re not in Mad Max’s situation :D.


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