Must see! Volkswagen commercial on care of people


 car safety volkswagen styleVolkswagen is known by its care of cars and good customer service so now, the famous auto manufacturer made a Volkswagen commercial that’s not based on car care but instead being based on care of people and yes that’s a good strategy since people buy their cars and also some of them use the mirrors from the cars to put make up on.

That means it should be every auto manufacturer’s priority not only Volkswagen’s.. So, about the Volkswagen commercial, it’s nice to see that they care of people especially their customers and this could be even a motivational video for everyone but, this car safety video focuses only on women.

Yes yes, i know, some of us men think that women aren’t good drivers especially when they drive stick shift cars but whatever.. I saw female racing drivers that can do a burnout while drinking coffee so, some of them know their way in a car. As i was saying, this Volkswagen commercial isn’t focused on car care and it’s about women that put make up while driving – that’s a bad thing to do because the car seat safety is useless if you don’t watch the road.

Check out this make up video with the girl that shows us in the Volkswagen commercial on care of people what could happen to each one of those women that use make up while driving. This is quite an artistic video that has a bang at the end that shocked me and you’ll see what i’m talking about after finishing it 😀 .

After watching this car safety Volkswagen commercial, remember that taking care of cars also means taking care of people thus taking care of YOU!


  1. that make up video at the end was spooky. I really didn’t know that 500000 car accidents are caused by woman drivers that apply make up while driving, i’m never gonna use make up and drive!

  2. I just read your article on Must see! Volkswagen commercial on care of people | Care of cars and i want to thank you for it, it was a shocking commercial indeed

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