Funny type of lego car – Bmw Z4 made out of bricks


If you want to see a different Bmw Z4 car photo, then you should go in the Jiangsu province from Jiangyin city because there, you’ll find a Bmw tribute made by Dai Geng. Every kid loves lego cars and it seems that Dai Geng is a grown man with a young mind because he’s playing with brick blocks instead of legos.

This is kind of a funny photo because the only carjacking method that someone from the auto world could use for that brick car would be something involving a crane just for moving it around. Why? Because the brick Bmw Z4 weighs 6.5 tons 😀 so, both the top speed and acceleration are affected!

funny car photo with bmw made out of bricks

China seems to have people who, besides loving a good german auto, also tend to show their respect for a particular brand and model in weird but funny ways.

A car sculpture tribute can be a way of telling that you are pro car care but taking care of cars, in the Dai Geng way, is a time wasting activity because this lego car made out of bricks was finished in more than 1 year!

Dai Geng really did a work of art by carving that Bmw Z4 with an awesome level of detail because it even has a windscreen and the famous Bmw grill. The best thing at this brick car is that you’ll never have problems like fender benders because this car is almost indestructible, i mean what the hell, it’s made out of brick blocks!

I just simply love these funny auto things 😀 oohh and by the way, i don’t think that this Bmw Z4 brick car is for sale, so don’t ask me about a possible acquisition cost or anything!


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