The Subways – rock n roll queen


Hey auto world, have you seen that movie, Rocknrolla? Yes, the movie with Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy. I always loved good movies with good soundtracks and Rocknrolla had cool driving songs just like the rock n roll queen from The Subways. Some of you can apply those lyrics for their cars too, it’s like taking care of cars in weird car care methods:”You are so cool, you are so rock n roll, be my be my little rock n roll queen”. This works even better when you’re a teenager.

Lower your windows, hopefully you ve got a car with power windows, take a breath of fresh air, start your car engine and also start your cd mp3. Use the cd with your driving songs collection like this song from The Subways, rock n roll queen and just drive your teenager cheap car like it’s a supercar or muscle car.

The only bad thing for your car is for it to be in the car shop because you’ve forgotten your car care duties as a car owner and you’ll be thinking:”You are the only one, my heart is blue, my heart is blue for you!”

If you’re an adrenaline junkie you can also start a car racing competition but outside the streets of course while listening to driving songs like this one :D. You’ll kinda need power steering in those tight corners but that should be no problem for a skilled driver like you.

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